¿Qué significa el nombre Power Pool Plus?

What’s in the Name? Power Pool Plus Defined

What does the name Power Pool Plus mean?

We are sometimes asked, “Do you install swimming pools?”
It happens; and NO, we don’t.

What we DO provide are the resources your operation needs for reefer power generation in large ports or small yards, on barges or ship decks, and from small mobile units to large standby generators.

Yet there's more meaning to our name that needs to be shared, as it tells the entire story of who we are and what we offer. Three words, Power Pool Plus, representing three ideals, and together providing one complete solution.

Here's how we define our name.


It's the operative word in our name, as in electrical power. We build, rent, and sell generators that are Purpose Built to the needs of the reefer operator. Our Power Pack generators are crafted and engineered to withstand some of the harshest environments in which our products may be the only dependable electrical power source.

Power Pool Plus offers complete power solutions for the port operator that include:

  • Power Pack Generators
  • Receptacle panels of any size
  • Electrical cables
  • Trailer Mounted Mobile Generators
  • Standby and Emergency Generators


This word often gets people confused, but it's the one that really identifies the uniqueness in our ability to provide power solutions to the reefer terminal operator.

Let’s begin with the definition of the word as it appears in dictionary.com and merriam-webster.com.

  • pool2 [pool] noun
    • a combination of resources for common advantage.
    • a readily available supply of people or objects
  • pool2 [pool] verb
    • to combine or contribute (as assets) in a common form or effort

Through the use of our collective inventory of products, industry relationships, and the adoption of this less common use of the word, is how Power Pool Plus has the means to POOL, or bring together, many resources to provide unique power generation solutions that maximize our customer’s operational efficiencies and financial bottom line.


Something extra; over and above the norm.
PLUS refers to the many extra steps we take to support you through quality service and our nearly 30 years of professional experience serving the electrical power needs of the refrigerated transportation industry.

So there it is. Power Pool Plus. Three words carefully chosen when we started our business to clearly define our place in the refrigerated transportation industry.

Allow us to provide the POWER you need through our POOL of resources PLUS the support you deserve.

Weather Preparedness and Your Power Packs

Weather Preparedness and Your Power Packs

No one knows with any certainty how this year's Hurricane Season will end up. The best we can do is plan and prepare. And each has its place.


When disaster does strike, ensuring that you have an uninterrupted supply of electrical power is essential. Understand what resources that are currently at your disposal is the first step. The power packs that you already employ for your reefer operation can also be effectively used to provide emergency electrical power to buildings*.


Using your power packs for emergency building power means that maintenance can't wait. Many tropical storms provide little advance warning. So keeping them in top shape and ready to run 24/7 is essential. Putting off required preventative maintenance on your generators may result in an unexpected failure.

* Safety is paramount. Please refer to your local electrical experts before connecting any generator to a building's load.

Power Pack Reefer Generator on Truck

How to Transport a Power Pack Reefer Generator. Yes, There is a Wrong Way.

Is there a wrong way to transport a Power Pack?

Power Packs by their very nature are mobile machines. Built within a modified shipping container they easily assimilate into any port environment for powering refrigerated cargo - large yet easily managed by high capacity forklifts or loaded container handlers.

Power packs can be transported over-the-road by truck, either on a chassis or placed on a step-deck trailer.

But did you know, there is a right and wrong way to transport them over land?
Knowing the correct answer could prevent an expensive repair.

The Wrong Way


Why is this important?

Loading a Power Pack with the exhaust end facing into the wind may cause forced air to enter the exhaust system and spin the turbo. While turbo bearings are designed to spin, they also need proper lubrication which only occurs during engine operation when the oil pump can supply sufficient oil to the turbo bearings.

To prevent a possible turbo failure and thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs, Power Pool Plus recommends loading power packs for transport with the exhaust end facing toward the rear of the trailer.

Power Pool Plus, the leader in power pack design and function since 1990.

A History of Innovation

Finding New Life in Worn out Power Packs

Power packs are used in some of the harshest environments and exposed to some of the toughest elements - tropical heat, salt water, freezing temperatures, and more. There eventually comes a time when even the best maintained machines need to be replaced.

A Cost Saving Solution

With the right evaluation and attention to detail, your existing power pack may be re-manufactured to like-new condition at a cost that's far less than purchasing new.

Our team has the ability to re-manufacture tired, worn, or damaged power packs of any make or model.

From blown engines and failed generators to damaged receptacle panels and crushed containers, we will work within your budget requirements to re-build your existing unit to save you both time and money.

How do we do it? - Watch our video
Learn how Power Pool Plus can help turn your aging fleet of power packs back into like new condition – inside and out.

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