How to manage black exhaust smoke

Attention to load will improve power pack performance. Power packs are the life blood of most reefer cargo operations. Keeping them in top shape through regular maintenance is a…

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Power Pool Plus welcomes LATAM sales manager

Power Pool Plus is proud to announce the addition of Alberto Castillo as our Regional Sales Manager of Latin America. Handling LATAM out of Mexico City

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4 Conversation Starters to Creating a Custom Power Pack

What if you had a customized power pack that was designed around your operation and the challenges which you face daily?

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Y-Splitters – Are they good or bad?

It might be tempting to use electrical Y-splitters on your reefer extension cords in order to increase capacity. But here’s why this practice should be avoided, if possible.

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Power Pool Plus receives Silver Sponsor Awared at 2019 PMAC Conference

Ted Shelson, Marketing Director/Power Pool Plus, provided a general overview to the delegation of our Purpose Built Power Generation Solutions and how they can be uniquely…

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How load affects Power Pack performance

Are your reefer loading processes harming your power packs? In a recent survey we asked the question, ‘What is your typical practice for connecting reefer plugs to your power…

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How to Avoid Port Congestion?

Recent port expansion projects around the world are a sign of the competitiveness to attract some of the newest and biggest container ships. What has been slower to keep pace is…

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What Does it Mean to be Purpose-Built?

If you’re in the business of handling refrigerated cargo, then you know all too well about the constant reliance on electrical power to keep your perishable cargo fresh (at least…

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What’s in the Name? Power Pool Plus Defined

What we DO provide are the resources your operation needs for power generation in large ports or small yards, on barges or ship decks, and from small mobile units to large standby…

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Weather Preparedness and Your Power Packs

No one knows with any certainty how this year's Hurricane Season will end up. The best we can do is plan and prepare. And each has its place.

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