Every Cold Cargo Operation is Unique. Your Custom Power Pack Can be Too!

Reefer management shouldn’t mean fitting your operation around the limitations of a standard generator. Power Pool Plus believes in providing custom Power Pack generator solutions that fit within your existing facility to better maximize efficiency and save money.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in the reefer transportation industry, we understand the challenges you confront in maintaining profitable refrigerated cargo throughput.

All of our custom Power Pack generators are built with the same focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail as our standard product offerings.

Un-manned Barge Application – Power Pool Plus has the experience of building power packs capable of navigating long distances between ports of call. Our dual-engine custom power pack generators are a proven design that offers trusted engine fail-over switching for peace-of-mind assurance that your perishable cargo will arrive safely.

Auxiliary Power Capable – When utility ground power is unavailable due to natural or man-made events, power packs provide a versatile power solution, but only when properly equipped. Exterior or interior mounted connections alongside reefer plug receptacles will ensure your operation is ready for anything.

High Plug-Count Custom Power Pack Generators – Our unique custom Power Pack designs achieve the capability of handling high numbers of reefers.

  • Receptacle panels on sides or end frames to spread the load
  • Custom fuel tank designs and capacities
  • Breaker connections to remote receptacle trees
  • We offer unique placement and designs of intake and exhaust louvers to accommodate special use applications
  • On-board storage racks for remote trees and cables
  • Dual engines with fail-over switchgear

Complete Reefer Yard Design Planning – Power Pool Plus has years of experience in accommodating expansive reefer yard projects that require massive layouts spanning over 500-ft from a single power source and powering 350+ refrigerated loads. Imagine turning an empty yard with no infrastructure into a profitable reefer cargo operation in a fraction of the time and cost. We’ve helped others do it. We can help you too.

Allow our team to design a custom reefer generator solution that best fits your needs!

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