Power Pool Plus remains steadfastly dedicated to the successful transportation of refrigerated cargo. Here we provide insight and information on many topics related to power packs and their use. Check back often for the latest updates. Or stay current on the newest ideas and best practices for your Power Packs.

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Put Your Engine to Work – Repurpose A Refurbished Power Plant in a New Power Pack!

Drawing from our extensive experience of refurbishing used Power Packs, the team at Power Pool Plus…

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Proudly Made in the United States of America!

Power Pool Plus is proud to manufacture the entirety of our product line in the United States of…

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Here's when to replace your power cables

Know when to replace your power cables

Check your power cables for safety and functionality Without quality power cables to transfer…

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How we’re meeting today’s supply chain challenges

An unprecedented challenge. COVID shutdowns and lost labor time, shipping delays, crippling storms,…

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Flood of refrigerated containers

A Perfect Storm flooding reefer terminals (and it’s not water)

With the ever-increasing demand for year-round fresh fruits and vegetables, refrigerated containers…

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Power Pack Service

4 Essential Troubleshooting Tips for Power Packs

Reefer operators have only one thing on their mind, make sure that the refrigerated cargo under…

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Power Pool Plus - Power Packs in Yard (1300x612)

5 Solid Cases for Renting Your Next Power Pack

Renting Power Packs for your reefer operation not only makes financial sense but when compared to…

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Power Pool Plus moves to Greenwood SC

Power Pool Plus, Inc. expands manufacturing with new operation in South Carolina

We are very excited to announce our plans to establish a new manufacturing center in Greenwood,…

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Bad Fuel Kills Reefer Power Packs

Is your fuel killing your power pack? How to mitigate fuel quality issues.

Bad fuel kills power packs. Don't allow poor fuel quality to affect power pack performance. Poor…

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