Rent a reefer generator from Power Pool Plus!  Renting Power Packs for your reefer operation not only makes financial sense, but when compared to other power generation solutions, Power Packs still remain the superior choice.

And because so much is a stake with every reefer container under your care, the clear decision should be a Power Pack or PortaPack and not just any standby generator.

Seasonal demand spikes and port construction projects can put pressure on port operators to maintain refrigerated cargo throughput. To address these challenges, Power Pool Plus maintains a fleet of Rental Ready power packs and PortaPacks that can be shipped anywhere around the globe where reefer generator power is needed.

Power Packs / PortaPacks:

  • 30-50 Plug Capable Power Packs
  • 10, 20, 30 and NOW 40-Plug PortaPacks
  • Custom Designed Power Packs are available with long-term lease contracts.  Contact us to learn more about this option.  Learn more about our custom Power Pack designs here!

Large plug counts of 100-500+ require customized solutions that only Power Pool Plus has the experience to provide. Allow us to understand your overall need for power, and we can develop a site plan that maximizes your efficiency.  Be sure to ask us about our reefer yard design solutions!

Light Towers:

  • We Rent Light Towers Too!
    Power Pool Plus rents light towers for your construction site, port operation, work zone, or anywhere else that nighttime safety and productivity are paramount. For more information, contact the Power Pool Plus team today.

Light Towers for Sale or Rent by Power Pool Plus

Ask about these optional accessories:

  • Remote 10 and 20-Plug Trees for extended coverage area
  • Power Cables
  • Fire-Suppression systems
  • Remote Monitoring

Rent a Reefer Generator Today!  Contact Us for a Quote!

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