Put Your Engine to Work – Repurpose A Refurbished Power Plant in a New Power Pack!

Drawing from our extensive experience of refurbishing used Power Packs, the team at Power Pool Plus is proud to introduce a new option for customers in urgent need of a power solution.  Power Pool Plus is now offering complete Power Pack builds around existing preowned power plants!  Due to global supply chain backup, the lead time for new engine skid packages is now up to over 40 weeks long, a time frame incompatible with the demands of many operations in need of mobile energy.  Couple this with trending inflation of material pricing and the scarcity of available rental units, the landscape of available energy solutions is sparse.  If your organization is able to source a refurbished engine from its current Power Pack inventory, our expert team can construct an entirely new enclosure around it, putting it to work in record time compared to the wait for an entirely new unit.  If you don’t happen to have a spare engine lying around, our team is able to provide a variety of refurbished motors to fit your needs.  This process is not only quicker, but more cost effective for consumers in dire need of a power solution.  We are able to utilize a variety of engine makes and sizes to create a custom build tailored to your operation!