Put Your Engine to Work – Repurpose A Refurbished Power Plant in a New Power Pack!

Power Pool Plus is now offering complete Power Pack builds around existing preowned power plants!

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Know when to replace your power cables

Power Cables need to be checked for safety and functionality. Here's how.

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How we’re meeting today’s supply chain challenges

Continued COVID shutdowns are causing supply challenges, prolonging the inability to source parts and materials for production. Here's what we are doing.

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A Perfect Storm flooding reefer terminals (and it’s not water)

The need for ports to accept these reefers is demanding. But will this flood of reefers swamp terminal operators?

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4 Essential Troubleshooting Tips for Power Packs

Most power pack failures are quickly resolved, and with some basic knowledge, can be managed successfully without having to wait for service.

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5 Solid Cases for Renting Your Next Power Pack

Because so much is a stake with every reefer container under your care, here are five reasons why your rental choice should be a Power Pack and not just any standby generator.

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Power Pool Plus, Inc. expands manufacturing with new operation in South Carolina

This multi-million dollar investment, projected to create 21 new jobs, will enable our company to service the increased demand for our manufactured generator products and expand…

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Is your fuel killing your power pack? How to mitigate fuel quality issues.

Poor fuel quality is the number one cause for reefer power pack failure and engine shutdown. Contaminated fuel in storage tanks can restrict fuel flow by clogging fuel filtration…

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It’s all about the cold chain

Please note that our operation remains open and continues to work hard filling orders for both new and re-manufactured Power Packs. Our service team is on-call and ready to serve.…

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