How to Transport a Power Pack Reefer Generator. Yes, There is a Wrong Way.

Is there a wrong way to transport a Power Pack?

Power Packs by their very nature are mobile machines. Built within a modified shipping container they easily assimilate into any port environment for powering refrigerated cargo – large yet easily managed by high capacity forklifts or loaded container handlers.

Power packs can be transported over-the-road by truck, either on a chassis or placed on a step-deck trailer.

But did you know, there is a right and wrong way to transport them over land?
Knowing the correct answer could prevent an expensive repair.

The Wrong Way


Why is this important?

Loading a Power Pack with the exhaust end facing into the wind may cause forced air to enter the exhaust system and spin the turbo. While turbo bearings are designed to spin, they also need proper lubrication which only occurs during engine operation when the oil pump can supply sufficient oil to the turbo bearings.

To prevent a possible turbo failure and thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs, Power Pool Plus recommends loading power packs for transport with the exhaust end facing toward the rear of the trailer.

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