Since 1990 Power Pool Plus, a United States corporation, has been committed to providing quality products that are focused solely on the transportation of refrigerated cargo. Over that time we have concentrated on developing products that are specifically designed and engineered to address the demanding reefer power requirements of this industry.

A History of Innovation – In the early 1990’s Power Pool Plus staked its reputation as a provider of rugged, well-built reefer generators by introducing our innovative Power Pack. Designed for easy integration into the port environment, these generators were built to be used in port, on vessel, or in the field.

Today’s power packs continue to use many of the same design elements. And with nearly 30 years of experience behind us, we have the ability to continually evolve this product while maintaining our position as the market leader in power pack design, construction, and development.

Our expanded product line has grown to include smaller, more nimble, PortaPacks, developed to address the increased number of smaller reefer container operators looking to gain a toe-hold into the lucrative refrigerated cargo trade, and services to provide major yard design layouts that include multiple diesel generators supplying power across an entire terminal of hundreds of reefer containers.

The defining factor is that while others ‘play’ in this market, Power Pool Plus has spent decades gaining experience by focusing on one task; providing viable reefer gensets that are tailored to the refrigerated transportation industry.

From our home office located in Alpha, New Jersey USA the Power Pool Plus team of experienced professionals are highly skilled in every aspect of Power Pack construction and dedicated to manufacturing quality products.

An International Presence – While we have strong representation in ports throughout the United States, our products can also be found in the ports and agricultural growing fields of South/Central America, Caribbean Islands, and on board ships anywhere around the world.

Our focus is to serve the market segments of our customers.

  • Container Ports & Terminals
  • Reefer Chassis Yards
  • Barge Lines
  • Shipping Companies
  • Produce Growers

How We Deliver

Our goal is to not only produce the best quality reefer generator that meets the demands of your industry, but also to provide complete solutions that help you achieve your own financial successes in the demanding business of refrigerated cargo transportation.

  • Power Packs, 30 to 50 receptacle plug designs
  • PortaPacks™, 10 to 20 receptacle plug trailer mounted gensets
  • Custom Designs, Customer specified designs and high plug count capacities
  • Rental Equipment, Temporary or long term solutions
  • Service, Experienced personnel to assist

What does the name Power Pool Plus mean?

There’s more meaning to our name that needs to be shared, as it tells the entire story of who we are and what we offer. Three words, Power Pool Plus, representing three ideals, and together providing one complete solution. Read More

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