Purpose-Built Protection for your Power Supply

In addition to our current line of Power Packs and PortaPacksTM, Power Pool Plus is proud to offer custom generator enclosures.   Drawing from over 30 years’ experience building products designed to endure the harshest maritime elements imaginable, you can be sure that our generator enclosures are expertly crafted to the same rigorous standards!  All our container-based enclosures are Purpose-Built to the specific needs of our customers, fabricated with only the highest quality materials and attention to detail.  Whether you’re looking to reduce the noise output of your generator, shield it from adverse weather conditions, or both – we’ll provide you with a cost-effective and timely solution.  Power Pool Plus has extensive familiarity with every major generator manufacturer including Generac, Cummins, Wacker, Kohler, CAT and more!  We build generator enclosures for offices, schools, government buildings, hospitals, data centers, malls, universities, nursing homes, banks and any other building in need of emergency power.  Contact us today to get started on finding a Purpose-Built custom generator enclosure for your building!

Purpose Built Power Generation Solutions

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